eMail Marketing 15 Tested and Proven Ways

An email list is one of the most effective, if not
the most effective cost/results and reliable marketing resources.
Your customer list is so valuable that it can’t be bought.


Because when potential clients sign with you,
they’re signing up to hear for you and your company.

The challenge is that it has to be earned.
There is not only one way to succeed that will work with everybody.
You will have to use multiple ways to please to multiple types of audiences.

What are the best ways to build trust and gather people’s email?

Here are the top 15 to ways collected by an email and landing page experts (

The suggestions below allow you to fill your audience with people
who are genuinely interested in your brand and what you have to say.

As you attract qualified leads,
you’ll be able to guide them through the decision-making process
by aligning content to specific buying cycle stages.

Without further delay,
here are the 15 tips collected
to help you build your customers and potential customers
email marketing list:

**** Do not under estimate the lever of these results
collected from reliable sources.
Test them, one at time before quitting on any of these. ***

  1. Offer quality content.

    Nobody easily gives up his or her email address for free.
    If you want to build a valuable relationship and engage your audience,
    you need to provide content that is worthwhile and interesting.
    It does necessarily require a lot of effort but need to be relevant.
    Like this email.
    It is very serious content.
    Most of the time underestimated.
    But a few of the readers will actually act on these recommendations
    and will get the benefits.
    Those members of your list
    that act on your best content
    will become long term clients.They know that the next suggestion of yours is a quality one.
    This is also why this is the number one recommendation.
    It is the most important one.

The more technical tips

  1. Put sign-up forms on every relevant web page.

    Your sign-up form should be everywhere
    your potential subscribers might consider obtaining
    more your information from you.
    Make sure it’s visible and easy to fill out.
  2. Use social media to collect email addresses.

    Driving traffic from multiple sources
    allows you to build a strong email marketing list
    much faster.
    Integrate your sign-up forms
    in your social media platforms.
  3. Design your sign-up form carefully.

    Ask only for information you plan to use.
    A good rule of thumb is that less is more,
    the shorter the sign-up form,
    the higher the conversion rate.
  4. Show your privacy policy.

    Do not share their personal information with third parties.
    As mentioned at the beginning, properly done
    the list you build should be very specific to you and your company.
    Keep it to you.
    Let them know that this is your privacy policy.
    A clear privacy policy helps you build trust and
    convince visitors that it’s safe to subscribe.
  5. Show samples of your content.
    Let your subscribers know what they are signing up for.
    As an example, use your older content as samples
    if you have some to “sell” the email sign-up.
    Or give them a sample that you know is interesting.
  6. Include a call to action.

    Put a call to action in your submit button, e.g. Sign me up!
    This makes the sign-up process more engaging
    and improves the conversion ratio.
    It is preferable to help them know what to do.
    Visitors are very busy and have a lot to think in their head.
    If you don’t tell them what to do,
    they might just not do it.
    As simple as that.
  7. Give away freebies.

    Can you? If you can: do it.
    Think of a relevant incentive for your audience
    (e-book, infographic, white paper)
    and provide it for free.
    If you retain yourself from doing, you shouldn’t.
    Because not all people
    that will acquire your free information
    will ask for your products or services.
    What is important,
    is that your potential real clients
    do get your freebies.
  8. Ask them to share.

    Take the time to prepare valuable, shareable content.
    Remember that putting the social share buttons is not enough.
    You still need to ask your subscribers to use them.
    It is not because the button is there, that they will.
  9. Build a content distribution strategy.

    Producing great content is only half the battle.
    Make sure it’s visible to the right audience.
    Define who your ideal audience is.
    Test it.
    Find out where they like to congregate online.
    Then choose communication channels accordingly.
    Test that too.
  10. Use dedicated landing pages.

    Create specific/specialized landing pages
    where visitors can download premium content
    in exchange for their email address.
    A dedicated web page helps users
    focus on the call to action and increases conversions.
  11. Include testimonials on your landing page.
    Social proof helps build trust toward a brand and its products.
    Use testimonials from satisfied customers to
    help visitors make a decision.
  12. Great content.
    Great content brings more traffic.
    Filling your blog or Facebook pages with
    boring, repetitive, selling only content, ads
    is not great content.
    Think of what would be great content if you were in their shoes.
    Only after giving them that,
    you will acquire respect from your audience.
    Develop a realistic content publishing schedule
    and stick to it.Remember what we said at the beginning:
    ¨The challenge is that it has to be earned.¨
    On the bright side,
    you don’t need to produce as much content
    when you don’t try to just fill pages of content.
  13. Guest posts on popular blogs.
    You are up to the 13 tips?
    You really did test everything else above?
    You adjusted your approach after you have measured the results?
    Reuse your content and think about publishing it on other blogs.
    It is a great way to build relationships
    with other bloggers in your industry
    and introduce yourself to new people.
    Include a backlink to your blog,
    and your content search rankings should go up.
  14. Collect email addresses at offline events.
    Don’t forget that there is an offline live.
    Be ready to collect email addresses at trade shows and conferences.
  15. What about your existing customer base? Have you forgotten them?
    Do you have all their email addresses?
    Do you have a plan for them?
    Or are you abusing them by
    sending them irrelevant emails?
    Are you hoping they will find something interesting
    by themselves.
    Think more thoroughly what you have
    and how you should really
    take care of them.

It’s time to get started.

Now you know a handful of great ways
to build one of the most effective marketing assets — your email marketing list.
In fact, you probably have an overwhelming number of tips.
Some of you probably do already a few of these.
For every tips, may we suggest you take one at a time
and test/try them.

Evaluate the results.
Make the adjustments.

Then move on another tips.

You want to start now.

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To succeed on a large scale you will need these kind of tools.


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